Minutes of the AGM held on 1st October, 2005 at Silvar Oak, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

AGM started at 2.30 PM on 01-10-2005 in Silvar Oak Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Shri N.S. Ganesan, President, BES (I) chaired the meeting.
In the beginning all the members observed two minutes silence in the memory of the following members those who have left for their heavenly abode during the period between last AGM and this AGM.

  • Dr. Raja Ramanna , HF-1576
  • Dr. Mangal Sain – LF-006
  • Shri T.N.G. Dass,  LF-389
  • Shri D.N. Dey, LF-193
  • Shri G.N. Hangal, LF-129
  • Shri R.B.L. Srivastava, LF-002
  • Shri Naresh Kumar, LF-587
  • Shri Bharat Kumar, LF-030
  • Shri R.P. Sharma, LF-1671
  • Shri P.S. Dhagat, LF-024

 Since the required quorum was not present, the house was adjourned by the President for 15 minutes and reassembled thereafter.
Shri H.O. Agarwal desired that the AGM be adjourned again due to lack of quorum. The Hon. Secretary informed him that the last AGM was held with the attendance of just 65 members whereas the attendance in this AGM is more than 100. Shri V.K. Mehra opined that AGM may be conducted up as per convention. Shri R.K. Gupta suggested that since the problem of quorum is being felt every time it could be considered.

  • The President, BES (I) in his welcome address conveyed his greeting for the elders and bowed to all the elders, founder members & his predecessors.  He welcomed all the Council Members, Life Fellows, Life Members, who made it convenient to attend the AGM. He thanked every one and said that with the blessings and kind cooperation of all the members, the Society could establish its own office complex at 912, Surya Kiran Building, 19, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001. He further said that the BES (I) has attained a very high status due to its increasing activities. He informed the house that during the term of the Present Council, two new local chapters one each at Jaipur and Thanjavur, have become functional and are doing very well. He also informed the house that 175 new members have been inducted as Life Members/Life Fellows. He pointed out that some of the chapters are not active and need to be revitalised. He further added that the Society has fully revamped BES Review and added a number of new columns giving it a professional look of  international standards.

He informed the house that all the functions including BES EXPO 2005 organised by the present council had the highest participation and this was appreciated by every one. The publicity of BES EXPO 2005 was very well organised.

  • After the welcome address of the President, agenda points of the AGM were taken up as notified.

Agenda Item No. 1
The Hon. Secretary said that the minutes of last AGM were circulated alongwith the AGM 2005 notice and also been placed on the table of the house and requested the house for approval of minutes. The Minutes were approved by the house unanimously.
Agenda Item No. 2
The Hon. Secretary presented his report on the activities undertaken by the Society since last AGM held on 26-4-2003 to date with a power point presentation. Copies of his report were also placed on the table of house.
Agenda Item No. 3 & 6
The Hon. Treasurer read out the financial report and requested the house for adoption of accounts for the Assessment Years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005. He also sought approval of the house for the appointment of new Chartered Accountant, M/s. Ashok K. Goel & Co. at a annual fee of Rs. 20,000/- which includes filing of quarterly TDS Returns, Six Monthly Service Tax Returns and Annual Income Tax Returns. Shri O.P. Bhatti (LF-159) desired to know the address of Chartered Accountant, Hon. Treasurer informed him that the office of new chartered accountant is located at Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. Shri V.K. Mehra desired to know the modality of selection of  CA. The President informed him that the CA was chosen on the basis of personal discussions and lowest rates. Shri V.K. Mehra said though the appointment of new CA may be approved by the House, it would have been better if the CA had been chosen by advertisement in newspaper. The President informed the members that his point has been noted for future.

  • Shri P. Mohanadoss presented the report on the activities of Chennai Chapter and desired that the head quarter grant be raised to Rs. one lac per annum and that the grant may be disbursed regularly without the chapter asking for it.
  • Shri Y. Pratap presented report of the activities of Hyderabad Chapter and emphasized the need for enhancing the grant to at least Rs. One Lac.
  • Shri M.C. Paliwal presented report on the activities of Jaipur Chapter.
  • At 1535 hours, the Hon. Secretary informed the house that the attendance in the AGM had risen to 151  which completed the quorum. But, Shri N.K. Trivedi desired that it may be mentioned in the minutes that the meeting started as per convention in the absence of full quorum, so that it gets recorded and the questions need not come up again. .

Agenda Item No. 4
The Hon. Secretary put up the proposal for shifting of the head quarter of the Society from 42, Shubh Niketan, A-4 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 to 912, Surya Kiran Building, 19, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001, which was agreed upon unanimously and the following resolution was passed & adopted.
“Resolved unanimously by the BES (I) members that the Registered office of the Broadcast Engineering Society (India)  be shifted from 42 Shubh Niketan, A-4, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 to 912, Surya Kiran Building, 19, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001 with immediate effect”.

  • Shri V.K. Mehra suggested that the services rendered by Shri N.K. Trivedi for the Society be kept on record. The President informed him that the Society always remains indebted to him for his valuable contributions, guidance and cooperation.

Agenda Item No. 5 - Discussion
The Hon. Secretary requested Shri V.Appakutty, Chairman, Legal and Constitution Committee to present the proposed amendments in the constitution for approval of the house.
Shri Appakutty briefed the house about the powers of the members to amend the constitution from time to time during the AGM. He proposed various amendments as detailed below:
Article 6.1 and 24 Discussion
Shri Appakutty proposed amendment to article 6.1 regarding the categories of the members and suggested to add two more categories of members viz namely BES Associate Members and Student Members.
Advocating for the BES Associate category members, he said that in the broadcasting network there are number of officials having diploma with lot of experience. He further said that after lengthy deliberations in the Council, it is proposed to admit persons having Diploma in Electronics/communication or Nationally recognised equivalent qualification with minimum 15 years of experience, as BES Associate Members but without any voting rights. As such, these members will not be eligible to contest the election as in case of Hon. Fellows/Affiliates and Corporate Members. The President added that there are many people who are having very good positions but do not posses degree. He further added that chance must be given to those who have dedicated their life for the broadcasting but do not have the platform. Shri O.P. Bhatti desired to know whether the voting rights being talked about are for the AGM or for the election. Shri Appakutty clarified that the voting rights shall not be available to them anywhere. Shri S.C. Gupta and Shri O.P. Bhatti desired to know that if the 15 years experience is to be counted from the date of acquiring the diploma or a period prior to it is also to be counted.  Shri Appakutty informed him that the 15 years experience after acquiring diploma or equivalent qualification is essential. To another query his replied that one time subscription and entrance fee for this category will be same as for Life Members and Affiliates.
One of the members pointed out that even earlier some members with diploma or equivalent degree have been admitted as Life Members and in view of the proposed amendment what will be their fate. Shri Appakutty replied him that it will be applicable to the new members only. Shri Deepak Mehrotra desired a referendum on this issue and Shri P.M. Bansal desired to know why the discrimination is being made between old and the new members having the same qualification. Shri R.K. Gupta explained that when the members with diploma or equivalent qualification were admitted, the strength of the Society was meager and as such some leverage was given to such applicants to make base of the Society. This amendment was put to vote by raising of hands. The Chair declared it to have been passed by majority votes but Shri H.K. Bharani wanted to know the number of members favouring and opposing the amendment. Shri V.K. Mehra tried to clarify that in such situation majority is decided by the Chairman and this is the case even in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. But Shri Bharani continued to insist upon the counting. Finally, the President asked the members to raise their hands in favour of the proposed amendment once again and directed the Executive Officer to count them. Counting was done and the number of members favouring the amendment was found to be more than 100. The amendment was approved.

  • Shri V. Appakutty informed that many students of the Engineering colleges have desired to be associated with the Society to get benefitted from the activities of the Society. As such, it is proposed that the Students while studying in the Engineering colleges in the field of electronic/communication or equivalent degree course be admitted as student member with a nominal fee of Rs. 500/- but without voting right. However, they shall be eligible to become Life Members on acquisition of degree on the balance payment for the Life Membership fee prevailing at that time (at present it is Rs.550/-) This was also approved by majority votes. With the approval of these amendments Article 24 shall also get amended adding the Associate Members and Student Members.

Article 33 - Discussion

  • Shri V. Appakutty brought an amendment in article 33 regarding representation of immediate past President and a past President instead of immediate past President as ex officio council member. Shri O.P. Bhatti desired to know whether the amendment meant two immediate past presidents or one immediate and one of the past Presidents. Shri J.G. Gupta desired to know why the immediate past President is being termed as ex officio council member. Shri H.O. Agarwal explained that immediate past President is the ex officio council member by virtue of his being the past President and thus has a representation in the council without any election.
  • Shri H.S. Jolly, Shri R.K. Gupta and Shri J.G. Gupta suggested that this amendment may be approved as two immediate past Presidents. The house approved the amendment by majority vote.

New Clause

  • Shri Appakutty suggested for addition of a new clause for addition of one council member on the addition of every five hundred new members. The present base being 1500. This was also approved unanimously.

Article 34 - Discussion

  • Shri Appakutty informed the house that with a view to curtail election expenses, it is proposed to amend article 34 to extend the term of the council from two to three years. Shri O.P. Bhatti desired to confirm whether this amendment will come into force with immediate effect or the next council. Shri Appakutty replied him this amendment shall be applicable from next council only. This was also approved by majority vote. 

Article 35- Discussion

  • Shri V. Appakutty proposed an amendment to article 35 making eligible the President also to contest  for the next term as in case of other council members and office bearers, as is prevalent in other institutions/societies like IEI and IETE. But before Shri Appakutty could put this amendment to vote, Shri H.S. Jolly said that the President is a prestigious post and as such President should retire after one term. Shri J.G. Gupta added that the President, even without contest remains in the council as immediate past President. Shri V.K. Gupta pointed out that in this AGM, the term of the President is being compared with Institution of Engineers as three years and he being the fellow member of the Institution of Engineers would like to inform that the term of the President in IEI is only two years. Shri H.O. Agarwal also stated that the term of President in IETE is 1+1= 2 years only.
Shri R.K. Gupta impressed upon the President to consider the feelings expressed by senior members about this proposed amendment. The President announced withdrawal of amendment in view of the feelings of Hon’ble founder members. His decision was appreciated by many members. 
  • Shri O.P. Gupta suggested that the office bearers should not be from one organisation. Shri Appakutty informed him that the office bearers are elected by secret ballot and all the members are deciding factor. Under the democratic pattern no reservation could be made.
  • Shri P. Mohanadoss requested the chair that he may be allowed to put forth some corrective amendments. Shri P.Mohanadoss proposed the following amendments with the permission of the chair.
  • Article 8. Discussion

The requisite qualification for Affiliate Members is not specified in the constitution though it is mentioned on the application form. It is proposed that it may be included as article 8.4. This was approved unanimously.
2. Article 13 Discussion
 Shri Mohanadoss suggested that since the admission of members is only on Life Membership basis and hence, the question of annual subscription does not arise. Thus this class need to be modified. This was also approved unanimously.
3. Article 17 Discussion
In view of the amendment to Article 13, this Article also needs to be deleted.
4. Article 19 (A) Discussion
This Article also needs to be deleted as the payment for membership is being taken in advance so question of non payment does not arise. This was also approved unanimously.
5. Article 27 Discussion
Shri Mohanadoss suggested that the first para which reads as all the members of the Society who are not in arrears of the payment of  their subscription shall constitute the general body of the Society also needs to be deleted as the membership fee is being taken in advance at the time of admission. This was also approved unanimously.
6. Article 29 Discussion
Shri P. Mohanadoss said that it had been seen in the previous AGMs that the quorum is normally not complete even after the break of 15 minutes as per the existing provisions. He suggested that instead of one adjournment there could be two adjournments of 15 minutes each and thereafter, the attendance at the AGM may be taken as the quorum. This was approved unanimously.
7. Article 33.2 Discussion
Shri Mohanadoss suggested that this Article may be amended as the term of the council membership of the chairman of the Local Centres who are ex officio members of the Council shall commence with their election and end with the expiry of their term at the respective centre. This was also approved unanimously.
8. Article 43 (A) & (B) Discussion
Shri P. Mohanadoss suggested that since both the Articles are contradictory, the article 43 (a) which is an older clause needs to be deleted and article 43 (b), (c) may be made as 43 (a) and 43 (b) respectively.. This was approved unanimously.
Article 49 Discussion

  • Shri N.K. Trivedi desired to know that whether the point raised by him in the last AGM for raising the financial powers of the Hon. Secretary under the clause 49 shall be taken up. The Hon. Secretary informed that this point is being taken up. Shri Appakutty suggested that the financial powers of the Hon. Secretary be enhanced to Rs. 5000/- from Rs. 500/- at present. This was approved unanimously.


Amendments to the constitution discussed and approved in this AGM are given at annexure.
Agenda Item No. 7

  • Shri N.K. Trivedi drew the attention of the house & particularly of the President pointing out that he had been suggesting to all the Presidents in the past to hold a seminar on Optical Fibre. He added though all the Presidents have agreed to this proposal but so far no seminar on Optical Fibre could be arranged. The President assured him that his suggestion is well taken and needful will be done.
  • Shri V.K. Mehra suggested that all the members be paid Rs. 200 each for attending the AGM. The President replied that no fringe benefit could be given for the AGM as this may amount to influencing the members. However, Shri Mehra said that conveyance allowance is not a fringe benefit and he has been advocating for this for last two years.
  • Shri H.S. Jolly desired to share his views with the members through circulation of a write up among the members and desired that his write up be read out by Shri Ashish  Bhatnagar. The Chairman agreed to it. Before reading the paper of Shri Jolly, Shri Ashish Bhatnagar desired to make his own brief presentation. After getting the nod from the chair Shri Bhatnagar said that the present council under the Presidentship of Shri N.S. Ganesan has made remarkable achievements. President has visited most of the Local Chapters and they have come up with seminars/ symposiums /public lectures etc. Besides unprecedented  success of BES EXPO, acquiring of Society’s own office premises a dream of the members have become true. While appealing to all the members to contribute for further consolidating the position of BES (I) as an International body of high repute, Shri Bhatnagar categorically bashed away the allegations that discrimination is being meted out on lines of AIR/Doordarshan or other organizations. He said, he himself is a glowing example who has got full support cooperation and encouragement from Shri Ganesan and all the Council Members not only in the matters pertaining to improvement in BES Review but also on several issues like PSB Awards, planning of BES EXPO 2006 etc. He said that Shri Ganesan and his team deserved great appreciation for the remarkable achievements and requested the house to give a big hand. The whole house echoed with clapping and applause. Thereafter Shri Ashish Bhatnagar read out the paper(copy enclosed).

Summing up
The President summed up the issues raised by Shri H. S. Jolly in his write up and addressed Shri Jolly as Bhism Pitamah of the Society. The President said AIR & Doordarshan are two eyes and which eye is better right or left, shall certainly be answered as “No” by everybody. He said that both AIR & DD are treated as two eyes and there is no difference in treatment to any of the members from these organisations. He mentioned that  election of all the three executives from Doordarshan is only incidental. He requested people from all streams to come and contest and make the Society more vibrant and democratic. He further thanked Shri Jolly for evaluating many issues and particularly the umbilical chord. He further narrated that Bhrahma came through Vishnu through umbilical chord. Similarly, the Society is born out of the efforts of the engineers from AIR & Doordarshan. Hence, it is not prudent to cut the umbilical chord. Our strength today is well understood by others i.e. primarily because “MAGAR KI TAKAT PANI ME HAI AUR HATHI KI TAKAT DHARTI PAR HAI” and we have the both. He mentioned that all of you are well aware that BES EXPO 2005 conducted by the Society was the biggest exhibition among all the exhibitions held in the past and that was because of the strength from AIR & Doordarshan. He was optimistic in saying that after 10 or 15 years the Society will draw more people from outside and it will become heterogeneous and once it becomes heterogeneous, no body can predict the future and ultimately we will find the result will be total staggering. He further assured Shri Jolly and all the members of the Society that the posterity of our Society shall understand and all would see that it rises to greater glory and reaches astronomical heights.

  • Shri V. K. Gupta came to the dias and said that our Society is eighteen and a half years old and its registered office which had been at Shri Trivedi’s residence shall be shifted to new office complex next day as the AGM had passed the resolution. He desired that the gratitude of Shri Trivedi may be kept on record. All the members applauded the suggestion.

He also suggested that felicitation awards as instituted in other societies for senior members, we may also felicitate the senior members from the forthcoming National Public Service Broadcasting Day and or as decided by Council. Mr Gupta had suggested that age of person plus age of Society should be 90 years or more.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the members to the Chair.