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Public Service Broadcasting Day

6th National Public Service Broadcasting Day organised in Chennai
Broadcast Engineering Society (I), Chennai Chapter had organized a special function on the eve of National Public Service Broadcasting Day on 11th November 2005 at 6.15 p.m at the Multi Track Studio Auditorium of All India Radio, Chennai. Hon’ble Justice Shri M.Karpaga Vinayagam, High Court, Chennai was the Chief Guest and noted Radio & Television Personality Thenkatcchi Shri K.s.Swaminathan was the Guest of Honor at the function.
Shri P.Mohanadoss, Chairman, BES(I), Chennai chapter while welcoming dignitaries and the audience, spoke about the potential strength of the mass communication medium in alleviating poverty, spreading literacy, economic development, and preserving national culture, heritage and integration.  He said the public broadcaster serves a link between Government and the governed and the pressures on it to generate revenue should not depart it from its primary role of serving the public.  He further added that it would be quite prudent for the government to keep All India Radio and Doordarshan fully under its control exclusively for public service.
Hon’ble Justice while addressing the gathering dwelt upon the role and responsibilities of a Public Broadcaster. He added a new dimension to the primary objectives of a broadcaster and that was to reform the society for its betterment besides informing, educating and entertaining the public.  He explained in detail how a best broadcaster differs from the good and the better broadcaster by knowing not only what to broadcast, when to broadcast but also what not to be broadcast in the interest of the Society.
Thenkatcchi Shri K.Swaminathan, in his usual witty style elucidated how the public broadcaster has so far carried out its mandate and responsibilities in informing and educating the people with necessary amount of entertainment.  While airing sensitive information, he said the public broadcaster has conducted itself in a highly responsible manner. He also remembered that the broadcasts of AIR have immensely benefited the people in many ways during green revolution and natural calamities and by coming to the help of social service organizations. He further added that the public broadcaster should make its programme more entertaining and appealing while subtly conveying the public service messages.
Shri N.Thiyagarajan, Secretary while proposing vote of thanks thanked all those visionaries who have decided to dedicate 12th November towards Public Service Broadcasting in fond remembrance of Mahatma’s first ever live radio address to the nation, besides thanking to speakers and the invitees.  He also stated that Broadcast Engineering Society (I) takes immense pleasure in observing this day every year.

Report, Nov 2005, by Chairman Chennai Chapter of  BES(I