Role of Technology in Poverty Alleviation

A half day programme was organized at Jodhpur on 31st January, 2006. It was attended by Engineers from ICRS, AIR, Doordarshan, University and other institutions. There were brainstorm discussions on the role of Technology in the poverty alleviation in the country Dr. Awdhesh Kumar, Chairman, BES(I), presented a paper on "Technology, Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in India".

He stated that during first five year plan, top priority was accorded to he agriculture & institutional infrastracture sectors. However, by the mid sixteen it was established that agriculture couldn't grow without the inducion of modern technology.

He stressed that growth and technology are synonymous. Economic growth and poverty alleviation are equally corelated. Based on a recent study, it is established that 10% growth in economy reduces poverty by 3% in the country.

Mr. Kumar said : Broadcasting sector is contributing significant by for economic growth of the country and for providing employment oportunities to its citizens. The state of-the-art technology in the fields of terrestrial, satellite and cable TV has revolutionized the informarion and entertainment sectors. Now, more than 100 Indian & foreign channels are easily availble in the country. It would soon rise to more than 300 channels. Once cable TV is digitized. It is now attracting an advertisement market of Rs 5600 crores & employment to 2 lakh people in the country. Equal number is being benefited through indirect employment through these services.

With the advent of Direct-to-home ( DTH ) services in the country, TV is now accesible throughout the country for all the 24 hours in multi-channel mode.

Interactive TV has further added to the popularity of TV channels.

Report : Feb 2006