Seminar on ‘Present and Future of Television in India’, organized by Jaipur Chapter of BES(I) on 19th Oct 2005

A seminar was organized by BES (I), Rajasthan Chapter at Government Engineering College, Ajmer on 19th October’2005. The topic was “Present and Future of Television in India”. It was well attended by the faculty and students of Engineering College & Polytechnic. Hon’ble Secretary Shri O.P.Rajpurohit introduced BES to the august gathering and also the activities of Rajasthan Chapter. Dr.Awdhesh Kumar, Chairman, Jaipur Chapter (BES) presented the role of television in India emphasized that the technology has played a very prominent role in the fast spread of TV in the country. In spite of the rapid growth of TV terrestrial, cable as well as satellite-there are challenges before TV technology in India. It is yet to go a long way to meet the aspirations of the viewers. Digitalization of television is the demand of time. The demand for high definition TV, IPTV, TV on demand service etc. were introduced with the audience. At the end, the principle, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer-Prof. Modani proposed a vote of thanks to BES for organizing the Seminar.

Report, Oct 2005, by Chairman Jaipuri Chapter of BES(I)