Future of IP TV in India
An International Conference on IP TV (Internet protocol Television), was organized by "Bharat Exhibitions", on 04-04-2008 at Hotel Le-Meridien. Topics discussed were quite relevant in India context, because this technology is still in the nascent stage in our country and there are lots of assumptions and speculations existing in the market about its success.

Conference was divided into three sessions with subjects of discussion like, "Are Indian consumers ready for IPTV", "Strategic issues, opportunities & challenges for the introduction of service providers and content development perspective on IPTV rollout in India. Speakers included technocrats, marketing professional and senior regulators from India as well as abroad. Discussions were quite stimulating and thought provoking.

Till now many countries like Japan, Korea, Germany, USA etc have already experienced the effects of this technology. It came out very loud that finally it is the amalgamation of the technology with wide range of value added services, program content, interactivity, choice of people, and marketing strategies that are responsible for the takeoff of any new technology. Path is not straights as there are many parameters to be taken care of, which may even very from country to country.
In India major bottleneck is faced in terms of technical infrastructure. Penetration of broadband is only limited to Metros and big cities. Competitive prices and wide penetration of already existing systems like DTH and Cable TV may give tough competition to IPTV because they are slightly cheaper and site to the psyche of ordinary people, who are afraid to try this new technology with a fear that IPTV means they need to be computer literate. Speakers deliberated upon many things trying to ward off misconceptions and tried to prove that IPTV indeed is most user friendly and simple to use technology.

The most important question that kept everybody confused was whether the traditional TV programmed content are suitable for delivery on IPTV platform or a paradigm shift is necessary. It is a fact that with time the viewing habits of potential TV viewers have undergone a sea change and the earlier leisure time watching habit has been transformed into video snacking. So it will be necessary to develop specific programmes considering the demand of public, with a scope of interactivity. Proper guidelines as far as technology is concerned should also be in place so as to avoid any clashes between the content providers, TELCOS etc in terms of revenue sharing and users are also protected from point of their rights.